Monday, February 18, 2013

Refinished Turquoise Dresser

This 5 drawer dresser was refinished in turquoise, heavily distressed, gazed in chocolate brown and sealed for extra durability. It was sealed with a heavy acrylic making it water resistant and scrubbable. It's made of solid wood and all the hardware is original. Contact at the sidebar for more info.

 drawers before distressing



Refinished Table

Love this old claw foot style table. When I very first started doing furniture I would spend a lot of time deciding what to do with my pieces. Now within the first few seconds of receiving a piece I can see the way I want it to look. I love when I get pieces brought to me and the customer is already set on something, but its hard to hold back my own desires for the end result LOL. This one actually ended up better than I have imagined- although polar opposite of what I would have chose. I loved it and it was nice to do something black. I haven't done a coal black in such a long time. The top had quite a bit of water damage so it was given a real good sanding.

 After all the old finish was off it was painted a dark coal black
 Let the distressing begin....

 glazed in chocolate to stain the distressed parts.....

 Finally sealed with a heavy acrylic. This was coated about 3 times due to the nature of the table being in the kitchen and used a lot. I love this new acrylic I started using last year. It makes everything water resistant and scrubbable. My super expensive table I was so nervous to refinish ended up 100% better than the day I bought it. LOVE!

 The bottom of this table looked awesome! I love the detail.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Ivory Tall Dresser

These dressers with the built in cupboard on the side are such a great find. It is perfect for any room. I have had people use the shelf for jeans or hoodies and also for babies stuff, diapers, wipes etc. This color is one of my most popular because it is so versatile and looks great anywhere. It was distressed, glazed and sealed. It is a nice piece of furniture and very sturdy. Contact at the sidebar for more info.

 Maybe next time I should dust the shelves before I take pics :)

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ivory Hutch

I love hutches. I think they are my favorite refinishes next to antique 9 drawers. I have had this one painted since the Summer and was just holding onto it until Spring, but I had a few calls on it in the same week and decided I am going to start working again a month early!! I am super excited. I love taking a few months off during the Holidays to be with my family, but I am oh so ready to get started and back out in my garage. I love what I do and have missed being out working. So grateful to all my wonderful customers who held onto things they wanted finished until I was ready to start again. 2012 was an amazing year for Just In My Spare Time and I love you all for making this opportunity for me possible. Here's to another fantabulous year!

Not gonna lie I kinda fell in love with this piece after it was finished. I am thinking that I probably need to finish myself one this year because I still don't own one! Love the dark contrast and the new hardware. I hate the double knob look. It had to go.